Saturday after volunteering at Heart of Tyler's annual fundraiser, Black Tie Bingo, I joined friends down the street at Rick's on the Square. It was there that I had an interesting encounter with a man who called 'Miss Bossy.'The unofficial after party for Black Tie Bingo - Moulin Rouge! quickly became Rick's, and different groups were scattered throughout the bar.

My group was outside enjoying the band on the patio, when a gentleman (I use that term loosely) began visiting with one of my female friends. She happens to be very attractive, currently unattached, and we were both dressed in formal attire due to the previous party.

She quickly caught this guy's attention. Because she is kind and friendly, she didn't immediately shun him. They chatted animatedly for awhile, while Boyfriend and I enjoyed the 80's cover band. A few minutes later she stepped away to say hello to another group. That's when this dude slides over to ask me what I'm drinking.

"Gin and Tonic," I reply. He asked me if it was a particular type of gin, then made some comment about how my 'classy' friend (she is classy, by the way) was drinking red wine. He then slurred, that I was of course classy, too, and asked me if I wanted another drink.

"No, thank you. I'm driving," I told him. He grinned, nodded and said, 'ya sure?' and then boldly petted my head as if I was a puppy. I'm not sure what look crossed my face, but it likely didn't resemble a happy pup.

I turned him down again. Up to this point, I wasn't sure if this guy was friendly or a creeper. Now that he proved to be a bit of creeper, I started shunning him. When my friend returned, she suggested I go say hello to our mutual friend. I did, and when I returned the dude smiled and said, "Oh, look Miss Bossy's back."

What nobody knew that night was I had been teased and called 'Miss Bossy' as a kid. I have no doubt that I earned it. I was head strong, and had a younger brother and two younger male cousins. It hit a nerve.

Without any thought I quickly replied, "I can be Miss B* if I need to be." This guy had obviously had too much to drink, and Boyfriend decided it was a good time to make an exit.

The character which I had been teased about was actually one in a series of Little Miss and Mr. Men books. She was the first character appropriately enough, and was featured in the Mr. Men Show cartoon as well. Here's a look at Miss Bossy, which I aspire to never to resemble.