Maroon 5 debuted their video for their latest song "Daylight" from their Overexposed album after E! News last night. The video isn't your typical band music video because Maroon 5 asked their fans to contribute to its making resulting in a powerful nine minute video.

While the song sends the message that you don't want to leave someone's side at the break of dawn, the clips that were submitted and used depicts how hard it is to be a teenager these days. The clips are responses to what people hate, what they love, what makes them laugh, human, what they've lost in life and touches on the topics of bullying, thoughts of suicide and forgiveness. The video also features people singing the songs lyrics, dancing, hanging with friends and enjoying life.

After watching the video there is a line from a young lady that stuck with me after watching it. She says, "If you don't take your time and look around, you're gonna miss something." I'd suggest investing the nine minutes to watch this video and then take your time to look around and not miss anything, because you never know when you'll be called and your time is up.