Mix 93-1 was backstage before the Train show at the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie this past Saturday hanging with Mix VIP Mary Rainwater of Palestine in her very own dressing room right across the hall from Train's dressing room!

When Mary was escorted back to her dressing room, she passed the dressing rooms of opening acts, Andy Grammer and Mat Kearney!  Mary walked into here dressing room that was stocked with refreshments and snacks along with some of her nerves.  Mary is a big Train fan and it was to be her first time to meet Pat, Jimmy and Scott.  Just as Mary was getting settled and comfortable in her dressing room that she won as a Mix VIP member, in walks Train.  Jimmy was first followed by Scott and then Pat.  Mary got to spend quite a bit of time with the band in her dressing room chatting with them and getting their autographs and then it was off to the production room for pictures with the band.

Later in the evening Mary got to go backstage one more time to meet and hang out with Mat Kearney after his set.  Then she was back in her seats right before Train took the stage and rocked out the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie.

Train opened the show with "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" and continued to play for Mary and the crowd for about an hour and half.  It was a pretty interactive show that was filled with tons of hits and new music that went on pretty much non-stop.  During the show, it seemed Pat was constantly signing things while performing, along with throwing out t-shirts and beach balls to the crowd.  At one point in the show Pat pulls about 35 girls on stage to be mermaids and later asks a couple to come on stage that got engaged during the show!

Before closing the show Pat and the band had signed an acoustic guitar and gave it away to an audience member.  Pat called this young boy on stage and told the crowd that they do this for each show and noticed this young boy who was 12 and in the front row.  Near the beginning of the show, Pat threw out red Train t-shirts and he noticed right away that this young boy did not keep the shirt for himself, but instead turned and gave it to his little sister.  For this act of kindness, Pat awarded the boy with the autographed acoustic guitar and then his little sister and friend got to come up on stage and sit with the band while they performed the last song of the night.

That was a great way to end a great evening at the Train show in Grand Prairie.

Congratulations again to Mary Rainwater of Palestine on winning her dressing room backstage.  It pays to be a Mix VIP!