I love mash-ups they make Mondays better. The first one I encountered was "Boulevard of Broken Songs". I was driving in Dallas listening to KISS FM, and I was hooked. Maybe it's because I have been putting together mix-tapes, CD's, and playlists for as long as I can remember. Or, because I started out recording my favorite radio station when I was 12, dubbing tapes. In 2000, I found Napster and had my first CD burner. It might have taken two hours to burn one CD with 12 songs, but I loved it.

I burned countless CD's with my favorite songs. I still have them stacked in old plastic CD towers in my home office. Some of them are probably destroyed due to scratches over the past decade, but I have held on to them. Then I found mash-ups. At first they were a unique novelty, but it was hard to find really good mash-ups online, so I lost interest. Then thanks to Glee's mash-up episode they regained popularity, and YouTube has made them more accessible.

Now you can find them almost anywhere, and some DJ's have become experts in this field. Maybe it's because I'm a music geek, but count on me sharing a few of my favorites. Have you heard/seen this one of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines mashed with Vanilla Ice?