Matchbox Twenty is preparing to release their new album, North, on Sept. 4. This will be the band's first new album in 10 years. The band's lead singer told Billboard magazine that the band had "a no-fear rule" when it came time to creating the sound on the album. The album's first single, "She's So Mean," will be released to radio Monday and Mix 93-1 will be playing it, but in the meantime, you get to listen to a short clip of the song in the bands first webisode.

According to Billboard, the song is reminiscent of the bands music from the early '90s.

As with any band that hasn't put out new music in a while, they wonder if their fan base is still there and Paul Doucette, Matchbox Twenty's guitarist, had this to say to Billboard:

We got mentioned on Parks and Recreation [and] The Simpsons in the same week, and I was like 'Wow, we haven't made a record in 10 years. We still exist for some people.'"

Watch the webisode from the band, listen to the clip and let me know what you think about the new Matchbox Twenty.