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Americans have loved the “Golden Arches” since the '50's when Ray Kroc opened the first franchise McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines back in 1955. First day's revenues-$366.12! Heck, I can remember what a treat it was just to go to McDonald's when I was kid. There's just something about the taste of that beef patty with the finely chopped onion that just cries out “eat me!” With all the deliciousness of the McDonald menu, there has over the years, been some “Menu McMisses.”


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McMiss #1 – Hula Burger


In the 1960s, McDonald's had a problem with lagging sales on Fridays. This was due to American Catholics at the time were still abstaining from meat on Fridays. The competition like Big Boy, was offering a fish sandwich. Roy Kroc decided to come up with a solution, by introducing the Hula Burger. Grilled pineapple with cheese on a bun. Yep, the Hula Burger is Miss #1.


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McMiss #2 – McPizza


McDonald's had breakfast covered with the Egg McMuffin and lunch was covered with the Big Mac, but what were die-hard McDonald's fans supposed to do for dinner? McDonald's tried to solve the dilemma in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the McPizza. But the McPizza, Mcfailed! McDonald's customers who were used to fast service and were irritated by the long wait times for made-to-order pizza. McPizza, Miss #2


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McMiss #3 – Arch Deluxe


In 1996, McDonald's wanted to broaden its image, so it launched a special advertising campaign geared toward adults. Executives at Mickey D's were very excited about the new adult sandwich and spent $100 million on the campaign. This campaign was directed toward adults instead of children. This new burger, named the Arch Deluxe, was supposed to appeal to adult tastes with a secret mustard-mayonnaise sauce. Well as you might guess, the Arch Deluxe was McDonald's most expensive failure – Miss #3.


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McMiss #4 – McLean Deluxe


Way before the “Super Size Me” documentary, health professionals were attacking McDonald's for what they considered an unhealthy menu. So to quieten the critics and please the health-conscious crowd, McDonald's unveiled the McLean Deluxe in 1991. This burger was 91 percent fat free; it had 10 grams of fat compared to the Big Mac's 26. The secret ingredient – seaweed. YUCK! Seaweed was used to replace some of the fat content with water. But folks could not get over the awful taste. The result was a dry burger that was later called “the McFlopper.”




McMiss #5 – McAfrica


This one takes the cake, or burger in this instance. McDonald's has released some themed sandwiches throughout the world. One example is the McArabia — a flatbread sandwich with chicken, salad and garlic sauce — released in Arab countries and in Egypt to help stop a boycott of American products in response to the Iraq War. But the company made a major boo-boo with a different sandwich. This sandwich was released in Norway in 2002 and called the McAfrica. It was beef and veggies in pita bread. It tasted okay, but critics claimed the sandwich was released at a very bad time. McDonald's just so happened to release the sandwich at a time when massive famine was occurring in Africa. After being attacked as insensitive, McDonald's agreed to roll back on its plans for the sandwich and kept donation boxes for hunger-relief charities at the restaurants that did offer it. BIG Miss #5.