Hey guys, is your best friend a teddy bear? Since the movie “Ted” hit movie theaters, guys started coming out of the “I own a stuffed teddy bear” closet.

This man and his story will make you want to cuddle your teddy bear … or not. The Sun in England found three guys who say their best friend is a teddy bear.

I mean this gets a little farm as some of these crazy cats even have their teddies telling their girls what to do. They even talk about taking their cuddly ones at the pub. These stories get deep about these guys who love their teddies and the girls who let them!

One guy, Mike, says he got his teddy bear, “Blue,” when he was 3 years old — and they’ve been friends ever since.

Bluey was my favourite toy when I was a kid. He stayed in my room through my teens. I could never get rid of him. When I moved out, aged 20, I took hardly anything with me, but Bluey was one of the few things I couldn’t leave behind. It sounds silly but he’s really important to me – he reminds me of my childhood and of my grandpa, who sadly passed away eight years ago. Bluey usually stays out of sight in the bedroom – only girlfriends and family get to meet him.”

Yeah, OK, dude. REAL men play with teddy bears.