When the switch is flipped to turn on the more than 800 lights on the Christmas tree in downtown Tyler Thursday evening, it will be done by 2 Children's Miracle Network children!  For the first time ever the switch will be thrown by 2 kids - 4 year old Will Butts along with his 15 month old sister Ellie.

Both Will and Ellie were a part of the Mix With Kids Children's Miracle Network Radiothon this year and each of them are a delight.  Will was born with a very rare syndrome that affects the grown of his limbs.  But you'd never be able to tell that he is an amputee because he full of energy and contstantly on the go and loves karate!

Will and Ellie will be flipping the switch on Tyler's Christmas tree following the Jaycee's Christmas Parade through downtown on Thursday.  Thousands will be on hand for the parade and tree lighting including Santa Claus!

Pictured above is Will in his mom's arms, Katie, during the 2011 Mix With Kids Children's Miracle Network Radiothon and in the KLTV video below you can see just how active Will is and him showing off his karate skills too!