Know Your Mix Music To Win Free Gas From Super 1 Foods!

Mix 93-1 and Super 1 Foods will be giving away $75 gas cards to give you a little relief at the pump.

To win your $75 gas card – jump on the Mix 93-1 Facebook page and look for the FREE GAS link (under the logo) - to get the list of songs you'll be listening for to win.

Each weekday (beginning Tuesday, April 12th) Mix 93-1 will post 5 songs and the hour those songs will play in on Mix 93-1 on the Mix 93-1 Facebook page.  When the indicated song begins to play in the indicated hour on Mix 93-1, we will take the 10th caller at 903.509.1000 or 800.487.0931 to win $75 in free gas from Super 1 Foods.

The only way to find out the list of songs is by clicking on the Mix 93-1 Facebook page.

Mix 93-1 and Super 1 Foods will give away a total of $9000 in Free Gas on Mix 93-1.

Free Gas Winners:

Friday, May 13th
James Taylor of Tyler
Stacy Cole of Tyler
Marsha Troutt of Harleton
Jessica Halbert of Tyler
Thomas Taylor of Tyler
Andrea Jackson of Tyler

Thursday, May 12th
Molly Redding of Tyler
Terri Urbanek of Longview
Tina Foster of Flint
Lisa Rich of Tyler
Angela Luna of Tyler

Wednesday, May 11th
Gaye Schonbrun of Tyler
Julie Garcia of Lindale
Callie Sledge of Tyler
Susan Acker of Tyler
Tawna Mayo of Tyler

Tuesday, May 10th
Leann Rosenow of Longview
Whitney Hanes of Tyler
Kyle Byrum of Tyler
Tara Cheney of Lindale

Monday,  May 9th
Kristy Alexander of Gilmer
Heather Crow of Brownsboro
Kimberly Harden of Tyler
Allison Hurt of Tyler
JoRuth Hancock of Tyler
Robin Nicholas of Whitehouse

Friday, May 6th
Alyssa Crosby of Tyler
Cindy Hogue of Lindale
Shaun Williams of Tyler
Teresa Grace of Tyler
Sherry Sneed of  Bullard

Thursday, May 5th
Debra Greer of Kilgore
Jennifer Smith of Lindale
Tara Adams of Chandler
Sherry Harper of Chandler
Cindy Kirby of Arp
Shawna Merrell of Magnolia

Wednesday, May 4th
Amber Gibson of Longview
Jennifer Mayo of Tyler
Rae Hutchings of Flint
Carla Moore of Diana

Tuesday, May 3rd
Belinda Reese of  Longview
Brandy Knight of Longview
Tammy Adams of Lindale
Hannah Golightly of Tyler

Monday, May 2nd
Debra Hill of Alba
Jill Ellis of Tyler
Leah Memmel of Tyler
Lacy Eason of Tyler
Catherine Garrett of Avinger

Friday, April 29th
Kerri Jones of Longview
Angela Jackson of Tyler
Allison Shaw of Tyler
Sara Parker of Tyler
Tina Sepmoree of Tyler
Nikol Stansell of Tyler

Thursday, April 28th
Amanda Williams Of Lindale
Angie Sawyer of Longview
Daphnie Warren of LaRue
Monica Heredia of Whitehouse
Cecelia Najera of Tyler

Wednesday, April 27th
Anita Crockett of Whitehouse
Joyce Shad of Longview
Natalie Bunger of Longview
Anthony Reese of Tyler
Nicole Allread of Flint

Tuesday, April 26th
Carleen McGee of Kilgore
Alicia Price of Lindale
Rachel Boyette of Lindale
Jeff Parker of Tyler

Monday, April 25th
Tawna Andrews of Flint
Kissy Stanley of Flint
Christina Daniels of White Oak
Virginia Smith of Whitehouse

Friday, April 22nd
Carla Adams of Tyler
Casandra Flourenoy of Lindale
Janet Aguilar of Tyler
Clarissa Ochoa of Tyler
Craig Grace of Tyler

Thursday, April 21st
Andrea Ziegler of Longview
Tina Jones of Gladewater
Jasmine Prieto of Tyler
Florence Carey of Tyler
Larue Dowdle of Tyler

Wednesday, April 20th
Rosetta Harmon - Tyler
Penny Spivey - Bullard
Janie Oechsner of Tyler
Christina McCaw of Lindale
Macia Gonzalez of Whitehouse

Tuesday, April 19th
Amy Beddingfield of Lone Oak
Yowanda Adams of Tyler
Pat Moore of Ben Wheeler
Melanie Mogul of Tyler
Scarlett Tarno of Tyler

Monday, April 18th
Steve Jeter of Tyler
Amber Smith of Tyler
Connie Cook of Tyler
Walter Ellis of Tyler
Jason Mears of Lindale

Friday, April 15th
Jalana Wilson of Gladewater
Erica Najera of Tyler
Pamela Stevenson of Tyler
Nicole Rayburn of Athens
Tonya Elmore of Tyler

Thursday, April 14th
Isela Garcia of Lindale
Dolly Pierce of Tyler
Ricky Todd of White Oak
Chris Gray of Lindale
DeLois Starks of Tyler

Wedneday, April 13th
Jan Decker of Tyler
George Palacios 0f Tyler
Samantha Toliver of Longview
Christina Najera of Tyler
Paula Gray of Lindale

Tuesday, April 12th

Tiffany Lippe of Longview
Tallulah Jackson of Tyler
Cody Watson of Tyler
Jamie Fizer of Athens
Maribel Zendejas of Tyler