Ms. Tompkins is a special education teacher for visually impaired and orientation and mobility students at Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler and is the next teacher to be honored as the Mix 93-1 Teacher of the Week. Ms. Tompkins was nominated by a student whom she's mentored through some tough times in school because she has been bullied and talked about by other students. Ms. Tompkins has helped this student reach amazing goals and regain her self-esteem and now her student feels more prepared for the future.

The student submitted the following:

Ms. Sharlet is more of a mother and best friend than a teacher to me. I was born with Albinism and I struggle with bullying constantly. Before I met Ms. Sharlet I was very depressed and hated myself for being born with Albinism but because of her I have learned to love myself and now with her help I speak to groups about Albinism and bullying. She has not only helped me but all her student reach amazing goals, all her students are blind or visually impaired but the things we can do shows that nothing can stop you. With her help I was published in Scholastics magazine for my article about Albinism and I received many awards including an award from the Tyler school board. She is always signing us up for special programs to learn independent living and how to be prepared for the future. Because of Ms. Sharlet my grades have gone from F's to A's and B's. These are just some of the things that Ms. Sharlet has done for me. For all the things Ms. Sharlet has done for me I would like to do something nice for her. Ms. Sharlet has no doubt saved my life."

As the Mix 93-1 Teacher of the Week, Ms. Tompkins will be receiving a special award from Mix 93-1 and Congratulations Awards and Promos in Jacksonville.