On Monday, June 3rd, East Texans began guessing to find out who the Mix 93-1 Fenton Mazda of Tyler 10 Secret Celebrities were to win $5000. They were finally identified on Tuesday, July 2nd by Sylvia Facklam of Tyler and she won $5000 from Mix 93-1 and Fenton Mazda of Tyler by correctly identifying the Mix 93-1 10 Secret Celebrities!

Each celebrity spoke one word in the following phrase:
'Win five thousand dollars with the ten secret celebrities contest'

Honestly, it took a while for this contest to get going, because we were giving away a huge amount of money instead of little amounts but we had to help you out along the way (which we didn't mind doing) because it was pretty hard for some of us here at the station to figure out too!

After playing four times each weekday and hearing 10 celebrity names being guessed each time, it paid off for Sylvia Facklam. At the 2:15p contest time on Tuesday, Sylvia guessed the final celebrity that was stumping everyone, celebrity number 5! Once she figured out who it was it was, it was just a matter of being caller 20 on the Mix studio lines to reveal the following celebrities:

  • Charlie Sheen
  • Dr. Phil
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • David Letterman
  • Christopher Walken
  • Mike Myers
  • Dave Chappelle
  • Donald Trump
  • Mel Gibson

And with that list of names being uttered out of Sylvia's mouth, she won $5000 from Mix 93-1 and Fenton Mazda of Tyler!

Listen to the celebrity phrase here!

Congratulations once again to Sylvia Facklam of Tyler on your big win! Now Sylvia, go out and splurge a little with your winnings!

Keep it on Mix 93-1, beginning Monday, July 15th we've got more winning for you! Details coming soon.