A few week's back Billboard.com began conducting a poll asking their readers to vote for the sexiest man and woman in pop music today and I was wondering if the results of that poll would be the same as a poll conducted here in East Texas, so I asked the same question online and the results are in, and you're going to be surprised!

Winning the Billboard Sexiest Man category is Adam Lambert and the title of Sexiest Woman goes to Britney Spears.  Now for the results from the East Texas poll, the Sexiest Man is a different Adam - Adam Levine and our Sexiest Woman is Jennifer Lopez.

According to the Billboard.com results Adam Lambert received 26% of the votes and Adam Levine came in second with 12% and as far as the women go, Britney Spears came in first with 45% followed by Lady Gaga at 12% and getting less than 10% of the votes are Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Madonna and Demi Lovato.

Those results compare to the East Texas poll this way - Adam Levine topping the poll with 54% of the vote followed by Adam Lambert and Jon Bon Jovi in a tie at 13% of the vote.   As far as the women's results go, Jennifer Lopez received 25% of the vote followed by a 2-way tie with 15% each going to Britney Spears and Katy Perry.