Yesterday it was announced the very last movie rented from Blockbuster Video was the 2013 comedy This Is The End in Hawaii. So, I'm guessing that the Blockbuster Video card that I've been carrying around in my wallet for the past 20 years is now obsolete. Now, don't ask me why I've been carrying it around in my wallet for that long because we haven't had a Blockbuster store here in East Texas for quite a while!

I guess it's one of those things that was just there and I never really looked at it, much like my medical insurance card and that discount card I keep forgetting I have in my wallet, too.

After looking at the Blockbuster card

I've been carrying around, I realized it's much older than 20 years because the telephone number for the store (that was closed down years ago in Grand Prairie) is in the 214 area code and it hasn't been in that area code since it was changed to 972 in 1990!

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

So, I guess it's finally time to ditch the card that's been with me for so long. Another ironic thing about this card is I think I used it about 10 times because I rarely watch movies.

I'd like to know, what outdated thing do you carry around with you in your wallet or purse? How old is it and how long you've been carrying it? Let me know by replying in the comment section below.