Last night I attended my cousin Bryan's graduation from Centennial High School in Burleson. Unbeknownst to me, he's been working really hard. He graduated in the top ten percent of his class, earned National Merit Scholar honors and helped out on stage, introducing the Board of Trustees.

Mandee Montana, Mix 93-1

Bryan's class graduated over 400 students, and they became the first class to complete all four years at the new Centennial High School. Like most graduations the Salutatorian and Valedictorian made excellent speeches, but my favorite part of the ceremony was the rotating announcer at the podium. The first and last guys were great, but the middle announcer was channeling Ferris Buller's teacher. His monotone delivery was cracking me up all night.

Our family was very proud of Bryan's accomplishments. Later this week he will sit down with academic advisers to discuss his how he plans to apply to his full-ride to the University of Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner! I asked him last night what he plans to study, and the smart kid is looking at computer science.

After graduation we met my aunt, uncle, Bryan and his sister Julie for dinner where we enjoyed catching up on family events, and had a lovely time.