When I read Lucky Larry's story about taking his daughter to her first concert last weekend, it immediately made me think of not just my first concert, but my first bona fide band crush.

I remember being in my mom's office one day when I was just 6 years old. She always had the radio on in her office, and I specifically remember her turning it up when this song "Hangin' Tough" came on. She said, "Mandee, you've got to hear this."

And that's when my obsession with New Kids on the Block began.

I not only had the poster that you see up there, but I also had the pink New Kids on the Block phone, the sleeping bag and every NKOTB cassette you could imagine.

I had a crush on pretty much the whole band, but my obsession started with Joey McEntire. But over time my crush moved more toward Jordan Knight. And currently I follow Donnie on Twitter.

Over the years I developed plenty of other band/artist crushes -- N'Sync, anyone? I still have a thing for JT to this day.

So, ladies, now I wanna know. Who was your first band crush?

New Kids on the Block: 'Hangin' Tough'