Home for Thanksgiving Break and need a break from your family? But you don't want to flock to theater with the other 'mockingjays' to see The Hunger Games, or dodge the kiddos headed to see Disney's Frozen. Then log on to Netflix and check out a little movie written about Thanksgiving Break.

I love Netflix streaming. I find all kinds of random films on that list, and if you need an escape this may be your ticket. Shut yourself up in your room with your laptop, tablet or smart phone and search for Palo Alto, CA.

According to Netflix, The film is about a quartet of college freshmen who come home for the Thanksgiving holiday and find their suburban hometown at once familiar yet drastically changed in this wistful indie tale set in Northern California. Student filmmakers Brad Leong, Tony Vallone and a crew of undergraduates shot the movie during their summer break. The cast includes Tom Arnold and hot young actors Ben Savage, Justin Mentell, Aaron Ashmore and Autumn Reeser.

Yes, Corey from Boy Meets World is in it - and yes, that makes it worth watching. Still unsure? Watch the trailer:



... and if that title seems vaguely familiar in a James Franco sort of way ... that's because he co-wrote a film titled Palo Alto with Gia Coppola based on a collection of short stories also written by Franco (who also stars), the drama about a group of disaffected teens in a wealthy California town who have money to burn but little parental supervision -- and even less direction.