Coldplay has been out of the touring game for a while, taking all of 2013 off after their Mylo Xyloto world tour in 2011-2012. But the band pulled a Beyonce today and released a brand new song, titled "Midnight."

"Midnight" has a strong Bon Iver-ish feel to it, and the video shows that Coldplay is heading toward a new direction both sonically and visually. It's ghostly and mysterious, something we haven't seen from Chris Martin and Co. yet. It's far more minimalistic than what we experienced with "Mylo Xyloto."

The release of "Midnight" likely foreshadows a new album from Coldplay later this year, which will be the band's sixth LP. Some speculate the album will be out in May or June.

Give it a watch/listen and tell us what you think.