This is not a drill. Everyone you stalk, everyone who stalks you, everywhere you post, everything you say and more can be discovered through Digital Shadow.

This website was created to promote the upcoming video game, 'Watch Dogs' (to be released on May 27). Essentially, Digital Shadow proves that everything you do on Facebook is monitored and recorded, and potentially could be used against you.

The way the site works is by analyzing all of your Facebook activity - who you're friends with, how often you interact with them, how often they interact with you, when you post, what you post, your likes, your comments and more. All of the data that is collected is then compared and contrasted to create an understanding of you as a human. There is even a segment that will guess what your password is. Creepy, right?

If you're interested in seeing how the site works, check out this video:

My advice would be to go up your security settings on Facebook ASAP, especially if you don't want the world to see everything you do while you're logged in.