The last No Doubt album came out in 2001 (Rock Steady)...10 years later the band is back in the studio working on new material!

"Now, starting today, we're back in a real studio really recording again. Excitedly!"

This process does take us awhile, it always has. Plus life is a little more complicated and busy than it was before we all had kids etc.

Tony posted that on the No Doubt Twitter page Tuesday.  I think the band has what it takes to make a come back.  Gwen Stefani has had a very successful solo career and I for one am looking forward to their comeback!

Life has changed quite a bit within the last 10 years for this band too!  Marriage and kids have added to No Doubts complex scheduling and things are about to get more interesting as both Tom and Tony are expecting kids soon!

See pics of the band in the studio here on the No Doubt site!