On an average weekend, drinking too much and getting behind the wheel is a bad idea.

And this week and weekend we've got a fun holiday full of barbecues, family time, and hanging out with friends. By all means, live it up! But there is extra incentive now to have someone else drive your happy self home.

Over the busy 4th of July travel holiday your chances of going to jail are even greater.

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers are among those participating in a “No Refusal Weekend,” meaning officers can quickly get blood samples if they suspect you’re driving drunk. Officers around Tyler are cracking down on drunk driving in addition to state police. There were 31 DUI arrests in Smith County over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and this 4th of July celebration stretches much longer, over the entire week. Be safe.

And don’t think you can drive to Louisana, have a few drinks, and then get behind the wheel. The “No Refusal Weekend” is nationwide, and it continues through Sunday.