Directioners everywhere will wish they were cabbies for the next year, as One Direction has been gifted free cab rides for one year for a 'shout out' given to Addison Lee in their song, 'Midnight Memories.'

The lyrics include a line about there being, 'way too many people in the Addison Lee.' In the video they point to the cab with the name Addison Lee on the back. Addison Lee provides private vehicle rentals as well as minicab services: in the U.K., a minicab is a taxi that's pre-booked, rather than one you flag down on the street.

OneD's Louis Tomlinson tweeted, "Surely we get some kind of @AddisonLeeCabs gold card for the name drop haha !!??" Addison Lee replied, "Best name drop ever! We'll be in touch with a thankyou." Then, jokingly wrote, "did you say gold car? We’ve got one here for you ready and waiting - give us a call when you need it." Underthe tweet was a photo of gold-plated taxi. Then, the company added, "Joking aside @Louis_Tomlinson how about a free car for a year?"

A spokesperson for the company later told the British paper The Daily Mail, "One Direction have been Addison Lee customers since they were on the X Factor, so we were delighted to be mentioned in 'Midnight Memories.' It came completely out of the blue. As a thank you we have offered the band free cabs for a year."