Dating is one of the most difficult things in life. It can begin by meeting people the old fashioned way and slowly getting to know the other person, or you can go through online dating or the speed dating thing or now, you can just jump right into it with a new trend called instant dating!

Meeting someone for the first time is difficult for a lot of people and the fist date can harder because it's tough to put yourself out there and ask someone out for what can be a very awkward lunch or dinner. So if all of this is scary for you, you can always get a group of friends to help you out by setting up an instant date!

It'll take some practice and coordination, but it could work out though. Just imagine, you could meet the love of your life by setting this up in Longview Mall or Broadway Square Mall or at Bergfeld Park in Tyler during an event! You know they say you often find love when you're not looking for it and this just may be your ticket!

Check out the following video and see how these guys and girls pull off an instant date!