For years Oprah Winfery wowed her audience during her holiday special "Oprah's Favorite Things" where she revealed what her favorite thing were. These things ranged from cookie dough and salsa to bath towels to books and even Volkswagen's one year. What was special about these shows was that every audience member at the taping would take home a set of all of Oprah's favorite things and that would send her audience into a frenzy where they experienced and ultimate high! That all came to an end in 2010 though when Oprah Winfrey retired from her daytime talk show. Until now that is, she is bringing back her favorite things on a new TV special on her OWN Network and her list of items has been revealed.

In a two hour special event airing on Sunday, November 18th at 7p on OWN, Oprah will explain why the 48 things that made the favorites list are her favorite. Among her favorites this year are:

- Microsoft Surface Tablet
- India Hicks Diamond Necklace
- Q37ci Elliptical Trainer
- R. Nichols Candles
- Tory Burch Michelle Tote
- Jetson E-Bike
- Bose VideoWave II

The complete list of 48 items can be found on and when the December issue of her magazine O hits grocery store check out lines, you can enter to win all of Oprah's favorite things for yourself too! Hopefully you'll be able to scream as loud as you can if you're a winner of Oprah's Favorite Things.