All good things must come to an end and today marks the end of 25 years of Oprah Winfrey being in daytime tv with her Oprah show.  The final show was taped yesterday at her Harpo Studio in Chicago.  Many thought she would have featured some guests on her last show, but that had been done on the previous 2 shows.  Oprah's final show just features her reliving some of the greatest, memorable and most impactful moments.

According to the Chicago Tribune who spoke to audience members who attended the taping, they said she touched on topics that her show explored throughout the years, including child abuse and molestation.  The show will end with her walking through the audience tearing up and the final shot is supposed to be her being shown on a screen kicking off her shoes in her office and picking up her dog.

Some interesting facts about the Oprah Winfrey Show:

- Oprah received more than 20-million letters from fans
- featured 5 U.S. Presidents as guests- 1.3-million guests
- 28,000 guests over 25 years
- Dr. Phil appeared on the show 118 times
- Dr. Oz appeared 62 times
- Celine Dion made the most appearances on the show as a female guest - 27
- Chris Rock made the most appearances on the show as a male guest - 25

What did Oprah's show mean to you?  Will you miss her on the tv in the afternoon?