With more than 500,000 tickets sold for her Australian tour, you could say Pink has some fans in the land down under. However, Pink says, "I have no idea why anyone likes me."

Pink is currently on the cover of the Australian version of Marie Claire magazine and the magazine asked her why she thinks she's so popular in Australia. She replies,

I have never, ever been able to answer that question. I have no idea why anyone likes me. I am very polarizing. It's either absolutely love or absolutely can't be around for more than three seconds."

During her Australian tour, Pink's husband Carey Hart and her two year old daughter Willow are right there by her side supporting her all the way but touring with her family is very much different from touring when she was single.

I used to stay up til 4 o’clock in the morning on the Internet, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, wake up at noon, roll out of bed, go to the gym," she explains, "Now it’s foot-on-face here, hot breath...it’s just awesome. It’s exhausting and it’s terrifying and it’s the best thing that has ever happened."

She goes on to tell the magazine that she wouldn't mind having more kids and a big family, but just doesn't want to go through the whole pregnancy thing! You can read more and even download the current issue online.