Pink's rock star year just keeps getting better. Not only is she Billboard's Woman of the Year has she broken records in the music industry, and taken home another VMA, but now she' s co-starring in a feature film with a group of strong, seasoned actors.

The cast includes Oscar winners Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim Robbins and Oscar nominee
Mark Ruffalo, which say she brought a lot to the table.

Pink told Variety at the premiere of her new movie, "I’m not an actress; I’m just here...I’m with people that are at the top of their game and it was awesome to get to watch."

Tim Robbins disagreed with her, telling Variety, "I think she is an actress, no matter what she says. She’s really good, really good!"

Pink, who is co-starring under her birth name Alecia Moore, shared the majority of her scenes with Josh Gad.

"She showed up the first day and she’s like, ‘You know guys, I’m sorry. I don’t want to hold people back. I’m new to this whole thing,’” Gad told Variety. “And then, all of a sudden the cameras roll and it was like we were in Sophie’s Choice. Like, it was the most amazing acting I’ve ever seen. I looked over at Tim and Mark Ruffalo [and said], ‘We’re dead. She’s going to steal the whole movie from us.’”

Thanks for sharing is a dark comedy about a support group of sex addicts. Pink explains
that the film will help people to see that sex addiction is a legitimate disease and not just an excuse for cheaters.

"I know a lot about addiction,” she told Variety. "I’ve lost a lot of people in my life and had some interesting experiences myself. I believe that all addiction comes from the same monster, it just wears different masks."

Thanks for Sharing will be released this Friday.