Hey, thanks for listening!  Let me get you out of your purse frenzy for a few seconds.  Look what I found.  Willow is like 5 days old and Pink's already back at it!  Good for you Pink!  I couldn't even get out of the house for like two months after my kids were born!  Haha.  I found a pick of them on People.com - check it out after the jump.  I have to tell you, some of the comments are brutal.   People are blasting her for taking her 5 day old outside.  I personally see nothing wrong with it as I had both of mine out very early.  Okay, I know I said I couldn't even get out of the house for two months but I meant more along the exercise lines.  Haha.  My son was in the NICU so I probably waited a ltitle longer with him but I certainly didn't shelter him.  What's your take?  Too soon for Pink?  Let me know!