Many families have an annual reunion each year, but what would you do if you were suddenly put in charge of yours? Don't worry, we've got all the tips you need right here!

Family reunions can be a bit stressful - with all your extended family coming in town and thinking of all the old family feuds that have been going on for what seems like generations, it's not hard to see why.

But stressing out isn't what family reunions are all about, they're about enjoying the time you get to spend with your family! In order to enjoy the reunion it helps to have a little help planning - that's where we come in.

First things first, think about the general planning that needs to be done (guest list, accommodations, food, etc.). Once you have a basic idea of what you need to do, consider asking for help from another family member. Co-chairs for a family reunion is a great idea because it gives you double the ideas and double the time to get things done! You could split the responsibilities any way you want. If you have a large group of family coming, you could even consider a small committee each assigned to planning a different part of the reunion.

Don't forget that hotels and many venues will give you discounts for setting up an account for your reunion too! Along with that, when you are buying supplies consider buying in bulk. Sam's Club or Costco might be your best bet for the cheapest supplies for large groups.

To help things flow smoothly the days of the reunion, have a general itinerary for what everyone is going to be doing. Make sure to accommodate all of the age groups that will be there. The older crowd will likely prefer to be indoors chatting and reminiscing about old times while the children present will want to play games and be entertained. If you can host the reunion at a location where everyone would have something to do, it will allow you to enjoy the day a little more! And it never hurts to have backup activities, especially if weather could be a factor.

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure to enjoy the reunion with your family. All of your hard work planning will seem like a waste if you don't have the chance to enjoy any of it. Don't forget to take lots of pictures so that all the memories will be recorded for everyone to share! Reunions are meant to be valuable time with your family, and now that you have planned the perfect reunion it's time for you to relax!