Police in London say two men have been charged over an alleged plot to target singer Joss Stone, after being arrested near her home this week. 

The men, Junior Bradshaw, 30, and Kevin Liverpool, 33, both from the northern English city of Manchester, were charged with conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm. They'll be in court on Thursday.

Joss says she's fine and wants to thank everyone for their concern.  She just wants to get on with a normal life.

The official word from detectives is, the men had "items which lead them to suspect that they may have intended to commit a criminal offense."  Police were notified after neighbors spotted two men acting suspiciously near Joss's home.  The men were armed with swords, a rope and a body bag, according to Sky News, when they were stopped by police on Monday.

Joss is due to head out on tour soon.  Check out one of her most popular videos.