On Tuesday, John Mayer released his latest song "Paper Doll" from the album Paradise Valley that he is currently working on. Shortly after the song was released, critics were saying that the song John's answer to the Taylor Swift song "Dear John". It is widely believed that that song is be about the couples failed relationship. A claim though that Taylor denies and as far as "Paper Doll" goes, John has yet to make an official statement.

"Paper Doll" has a rather strange lyric video attached to it too! It stars Joanna Rohrback, the lady that created the fitness workout called 'Prancercise'. As you listen and watch the lyrics go by, you also get to watch Joanna 'Prancersice' down an unnamed suburban street. It's oddly captivating.

John will be performing this song and a few other new ones when he hits the road with opening act Phillip Phillips on July 6th. The pair will be in Dallas on July 13th and you can enter to win a pair of tickets to the show online now through your Mix VIP account.