What took Justin Bieber nearly 3 years to do, Korean star PSY did it in six months. PSY now has the most watched YouTube video of all time.

Justin Bieber's video for "Baby" has been seen more than 806 million times and was first viewed in February of 2010. PSY came on the scene with his infectious song "Gangnam Style" and that video, which debuted in July of this year, has been seen more than 840 million times making it the most viewed video of all time on the site.

When PSY learned of his new title, he tweeted:


If you've never seen the video, which is hard to believe you've missed it, you can see it now and PSY will have another view added to his total!

Ok, to be fair, you can Watch Justin Bieber's "Baby" video too! That is, if you want to play fair!