The risk was just too great, so organizers made the decision to shut down the rides and close the gates to the East Texas State Fair early.

The fair had 43,400 people in attendance on Friday and the midway actually broke a record for the amount of money brought in.

It could have been a record-setting weekend perhaps, but organizers called it quits and cancelled the Sunday evening concert.

Around 4pm Sunday, they shut down the rides and canceled the concert because of high winds and rain.

After Saturday's rains, organizers had hoped things would clear out and the weekend would end on a positive note for the fair with rainbows and dry cotton candy, but mother nature had something else in mind.

We're happy for the rain, but it would have been nice to enjoy the fair too.

The East Texas State Fair says it's already onto planning next year's event.

If you missed the fair this year, you can always live vicariously through our own Lucky Larry. Check out his blog post from last week titled, "Lucky Larry's Day at the East Texas Fair." If you're at the fair, ya gotta eat! He sampled the hamburger, hot dog, caramel apple, and funnel cake last week before it rained. Hope you did too. If not, see ya there next year!