We are all Thankful for Thanksgiving. It’s the traditions and hours spent in the kitchen that make it a such “chicken soup for the soul.” But with all the traditions and endless menu planning and coordinating schedules with extended family we all get worn out. This year maybe consider taking some of the pressure off of yourself and treat yourself to a day out of the kitchen and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant.

Imagine not getting up at 5a to stuff a turkey and not burning your arm pulling the pumpkin pie out of the oven — heaven forbid the gravy has lumps. Instead of spending the day in the kitchen you can sit back and literally just be thankful for the many blessings in your life. To help you make this easy decision we have found some great almost like momma used to make meals to enjoy at restaurants in Tyler.

This family friendly restaurant cooks up a mess of mashed potatoes and turkey that rivals any traditional southern Thanksgiving dinner.  The servers are friendly and the portions are huge — there is not going to be a need to take out a second mortgage on the house to pay for the meal.  Added value to going to to dinner is there will not be any dishes to wash.
Fuller’s Fine Foods is located at:
601 E Front St, Tyler, TX 75702-8217
(903) 593-3572

Good Health. Good Value. Good Food.
Traditions of Tyler offers a wide variety of traditional Thanksgiving dishes, a wide variety of desserts (a huge plus for us) with a pleasant dining experience rivaled second to none in Tyler. We really like the cafeteria self-service style of service ensuring every one in your group is pleased with their meal.  If you would rather stay home but avoid the mess in your kitchen you can place an order and send a willing driver to pick up your feast.
Traditions is easy to find:
6205 S Broadway Ave — Tyler, TX 75703-4414