We work pretty hard throughout the year and when it's time for a vacation, we all definitely look forward to it! It's always great to get away from the daily grind and head out of town for a few days or week at a time, but there's always an end to the fun and the time when you have to get back into the daily routine. There are four things that I don't look forward to when the vacation fun ends!

Yard work

I mowed the yard before leaving town and when I get back it needs it again! I'm not going to get a break from the heat either (reason #4).

Alarm clock

I quite enjoyed not having to wake up to the annoying sound of the alarm clock, except for when I had to be up early to go on a kayak expedition!


Washing all of the dirty clothes after a trip is exhausting, but it's gotta be done

Heat and humidity

Vacationing in Colorado this time of the year is awesome because of the temperatures, very low humidity and the chance of rain! Anytime I can escape the heat and humidity, I'm for it!