Dancing with the Stars did it for Kirstie Alley.  And it's doing it for Ricki Lake.  Ladies, if you want to lose weight, just dance!

Ricki says she has burned off more than 20 pounds since she started the rehearsals with partner Derek Hough.  Lake told UsMagazine.com, "They keep making my costumes smaller!  I've lost at least 15 inches and I feel great!"  Lake added, "I'm working so hard.  It's a challenge to really push my body, but it's so fun!" 

Lake said she has gone down three sizes since September, and will have a slim new look when her new syndicated talk show debuts in 2012.  Ricki says the weight loss is largely because she's using muscles she wouldn't use in the gym or hiking, which is what she really loves to do.  And she says dancing doesn't feel like working out, even though she's covered in sweat. 

The only trouble is, this kind of dancing calls for a partner, and perhaps your boyfriend or hubby isn't in the mood.  In that case, we say break out your best Britney solo dance and watch the pounds melt away!