While Rihanna makes slightly more headlines for the clothes she takes off -- thanks to Instragramming topless shots on the regular -- than for the couture ensembles she wears, the singer is trying her hand at fashion. But she's not cutting, sewing and draping fabric on dress forms or sample-sized models.

She's lending her name and opinion to a River Island collection that should just be called Rihanna Wear. Since that's what it looks like.

The line is street chic, and designed with RiRi's personal style in mind. It wasn't a part of London's official Fashion Week, so it's like an Off-Broadway play. Essentially, the fashion world wasn't clamoring to see the threads Ri was peddling. She's not on that level yet. But judging from these pieces (and the mixed reviews they got), she won't likely get an engraved invite to the high fashion party any time soon.

Some of the key looks are as follows.

A bandeau top paired with print pants is very island resort wear, or Rihanna on a shopping trip or night out at the club where Chris Brown and Drake are fighting over her. We've seen this style on her many times, but there's nothing overly fashionable about this. You could easily grab these items at Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe at your local mall.

The micro top is a nip slip in the making. If you have any sort of fun bags, this won't fit. So it's safe to say that Ri's boobs-blessed bestie (or former bestie, if recent reports are true) Katy Perry won't be wearing this.

Dave M. Benett, Getty Images

There are also some short dresses in bold colors, another Ri trait.

Ri reportedly worked with designer Adam Selman in a modern way – via email and phone. She also attended sample fittings. So she wasn't exactly rolling up her sleeves or entrenched in the process. It looks like she emailed Selman pics of her favorite outfits and said, "Here, copy that."

While digital communication is a fine method for making records or even taking college courses, it's not exactly optimal for making clothes. That's a tactile experience.

These pieces look cheap, and we don't mean affordable.

See more photos and video of the entire fashion show below (NSFW for naughty language).