If any company can come up with a what's sexy list, you know the list that Victoria's Secret puts out gotta be legit right? Let's see, on the just released annual Victoria's Secret's "What Is Sexy" list, Rihanna appears on the list and is in great company with the likes of Beyonce and Shakira!

Among the musicians on the list:

  • Beyonce receives the title of "Sexiest Songstress"
  • Rihanna is named "Sexiest Bikini Body" (guessin' mainly for her Instagram pics)
  • Shakira earned the title of "Sexiest Curves"

Other celebs on the Victoria's Secret list are:

  • Jessica Chastain - Sexiest Actress
  • Jennifer Lawrence - Sexiest Sense of Humor
  • Blake Lively - Sexiest Legs
  • Kerry Washington - Sexiest Lips
  • Amanda Seyfried - Sexiest Hair

To check out the other sexiest women presented by Victoria's Secret models, check out the video below and see the full list here!