Rihanna seems to be taking a page out of duet-partner and possible paramour Chris Brown‘s book. The ‘Birthday Cake‘ singer started a Twitter war with a fan. Maybe they really are perfect for each other.

A fan named Jaree Strozier tweeted a fairly innocuous comment — that most of the world agreed with.

RiRi caught wind up of the tweet and replied, rather immaturely:

Rihanna thus drew attention to the fan’s weight, and the “Rihanna Navy” pounced on the easy target. Strozier launched a series of replies to Rihanna and her fans, to which Rihanna responded with a tweet basically encouraging her Navy to attack:

Based on what we saw on both their feeds, Rihanna started it and egged it on, so her message was more than a little hypocritical and antagonistic. Strozier addresses this:

Strozier then took a blow at the singer that was equally as low as the one Rihanna originally dealt to her, posting, “You shouldnt worry about me cyber bullying @rihanna.. Worry bout@chrisbrown pouncin on yo a–.” Strozier wound up gaining around 2,500 Twitter followers in under two hours following the interaction, in which even Perez Hilton got involved:

While we’re usually impressed and pleased by Rihanna’s interaction with her fans, we’re surprised that she has the time and energy to devote to such negativity. To her credit, though, at least she’s not starting beef with pro wrestlers.