When artists have a hit song, they know that its only a matter of time before someone else performs it. Sometimes its done by fans through a posted video on YouTube and other times it could be other artists covering their song while performing in a concert or during an interview. Taylor Swift learned the other day that Samuel L. Jackson recited some of the lyrics to her latest hit.

Samuel L. Jackson's lyric recital happened during an appearance on London's Capital FM radio, where a listener called in and asked him to record a message for an ex-boyfriend so that he would clearly get the message and she asked him to perform Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". Well, Samuel was up for the easy stunt and in typical Samuel L. Jackson style, there was an angry tone to his voice!

Catch the audio below.

When Taylor Swift learned about this, she sent out the following tweet:


So, if were to ask a celebrity to do this for you, who would you like to record a message like that? Let me know by leaving the celebrity's name in the comment section below.