We don't really need proof that teachers are awesome, but just in case, you're probably heard that teachers have been known to spend their own money on supplies for the classroom. Can you imagine spending your own money on paper and printers at the office just so you can get your work done? Teachers go above and beyond in so many ways.

Earlier this summer we helped collect a bus load of school supplies as part of Biker's Rule for School with PATH. You really came through, so thanks! If you missed it, you have another chance to help.

Items like blue and black pens, five-tab dividers, blunt tip scissors, and others are needed for students on the free and reduced lunch program, and PATH is collecting the items for the School Supply Train.

You can pick up school supplies and drop them off at PATH or most fire stations.

I have to admit, I love school supplies, and even though I'm not in school anymore I buy notebooks and pens every year just because it's fun and I like how new blue ink rolls on the paper. Let's buy extra this year to help students who really need it.

School starts August 27th!