If you follow Selena Gomez on Twitter you may have been as shocked as we were to see the tweet, "LOL...I'm so lame.  Having way too much getting arrested."

She apparently left out a word in the middle. "Way too much," what? Fun? The picture doesn't exactly make it look like she's having a blast.  But how serious was it?

Actually, Selena is filming a new movie called Spring Breakers, and the arrest was for the movie. Way to drum up some buzz about the movie, Selena! This project will be unlike anything Selena has done before. According to IMDb, the film comes out in 2013 and revolves around four friends who stoop to robbery in order to come up with money for spring break.

Since the arrest was make believe, the good girl image for Selena can continue.

And by the way, fellow Disney alum Vanessa Hudgens plays a character who gets arrested in the movie, too.  Beware that she may tweet it, so don't be fooled into thinking she's gone the way of other real-life, handcuffed celebs. They're just playin'!