Selena Gomez's song 'Come & Get It' is number 1 on Top 40 radio, something every pop star dreams of and few ever achieve. In her young life, Selena has been #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 but being #1 on the Top 40 radio chart has more meaning to her. Selena learned about her achievement via a message from a cell phone that was handed to her by man in the room who told her to check something out.

Once she realizes whats contained in the message she says, "Oh my God. I did it?" He tells her, "You are #1, Selena!" Then she gets very emotional after saying, "I got my first number one? Are you kidding me?? Oh my God! That's amazing."

Selena then addresses her fans and thanks them for their support. Selena's latest album will be available in stores and online July 23rd and is called Stars Dance.

See Selena's reaction in the video below.