Mix 93-1 thanks the many East Texans that voted on the 5 stories that were submitted by Mix listeners telling us how horrible their Valentine's day and how it was ruined by Cupid.  Mix 93-1 congratulates Emily Hatton of Tyler on winning the $500 gift card to Elliott's Jewelers on Troup Hwy in Tyler.  Emily will be receiving a little jewelry therapy soon.

Emily submitted the following story:

Well, it started off as a nice Valentine’s Day. I had just returned back to work after being off over the weekend to attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I brought a King Cake and made goodies for my fellow co-workers. Shortly after sitting down at my desk and starting my daily duties, I was called to the HR office and in came my clinical director, who informed me that after four years of service to the company, I was being laid off from my job due to a “reduction in force.”  Talk about a stab to the heart and on Valentine’s Day.  Needless to say, this will go down as the worst Valentine’s Day for me!

This was the entry that was voted on by Mix 93-1 listeners and received the most votes.  Thanks for your help in deciding the winner and we sure hope Emily rebounds with a new job soon.