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Kids Who Grow Up Around Books Have An Advantage
If you haven't been to the Tyler Public Library lately, here's some incentive to head that way. There's a big advantage to growing up around books, and it sticks with us for life. But is it the tangible copies or the digital ones?
The Best Haunted House in Texas is Worth the Road Trip
The best haunted houses in Texas aren't necessarily the ones that creep you out and make you jump out of your skin.

Instead of the fear factor, it's the fun factor that makes a haunted house great. And the best one in Texas is worth the 4-hour road trip.
Top Four Pumpkin-Flavored Items of the Season
If you've been sort of ho-hum about all of the pumpkin spice offerings so far this fall and have yet to discover a favorite, wrap your mouth around any one of these top four items and your taste buds are going to light up. Pumpkin spice peanut butter? Yes!
Find the Cheapest Halloween Candy at These Places
Some East Texas stores have the best deals on Gummy Bears and others have the best prices on bags of Sour Patch Kids. Finding the cheapest Halloween candy is a matter of knowing where to look.
Funeral Will Be Wednesday for Nacogdoches Deputy
Funeral arrangements have been announced for the Nacogdoches deputy killed Friday morning in the line of duty, and they're expecting a large number of people to turn out and pay their final respects.
Kids Get a Free Scary Face Pancake at IHOP on Halloween
This will be another great way to get the kids sugared up on Halloween. Pancakes! IHOP will have that free scary face pancake offer going again this Halloween, and there's only one thing the kids need to do to get it.
Presidential Alert is Coming to Your Phone Today
Today is the day that we're going to hear everyone's phone go off with an alert at the exact same time and no one can opt out. The test had been planned for September 20th, but it was postponed because of Hurricane Florence. It's happening today during your lunch hour.
Your Favorite Halloween Candy Might be the Least Healthy
One of the most popular Halloween candies is also nothing but sugar and additives, according to nutrition experts. That probably won't stop any of us from eating it, but we should probably know these things just in case we can muster a moment of willpower.
President Trump's Text is Coming to Your Phone in October
One day in October, we're going to hear everyone's phone go off with an alert at the same time and no one can opt out. The test had been planned for tomorrow (September 20), but it was postponed because of Hurricane Florence.
A Third of Texans Name Their Pickup Trucks
If you're still deciding what to name your truck, Betsy is probably on your short list, according to a new poll. It's one of the top names for pickup trucks in Texas, and the other top name might surprise you. Oh, and if you consider your truck to be part of your family, you are a true T…
LSU Band's Halftime Performance Goes Viral
Do not get caught in the halftime concession line or the bathroom line if you're going to a college football game this weekend. The halftime shows are too good!
Free Tacos Are Coming
Just about any day could probably be Taco Day in Texas, but we'll have an official reason to celebrate next week. National Taco Day is coming, and that will mean the deals and freebies will be hitting our favorite East Texas taco shops.
Don't Make This Mistake On Your Next Vacation
Famous national landmarks aren't to be messed with, and if you get too close to them, in some cases you can get a ticket. I'll tell you what one man did at a place I visited this summer, so you don't make the same bonehead mistake.