Smart phones are part of us now. Do you always have it with you, and checking work email on it is second nature? I probably check my phone about every 10 minutes and I hate myself for it.

One observation about Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville and other spots around East Texas, though -- overall we might not rely on smart phones as much as other places. Do you think we’re better at putting the phone down, taking a break, and having some fun, or are we constantly checking, too?

Good Technology surveyed working adults in the US and found more than 80 percent of people continue working when they have left the office, for an average of seven extra hours each week.

That’s almost a full day of work extra each week, and it adds up to close to 30 hours a month. And let me guess, you’ll still be checking email on the 4th of July, even though most offices are closed. Me too.

Do we give it a rest at the dinner table? Not really. The survey says about four in 10 people check email while eating dinner with family. And five in 10 check email while still in bed in the morning. Don’t wanna know that! I like to think you’re freshly showered, teeth are brushed and you don’t have bed head.

At least on the Fourth of July we can attempt to take a break from work. We’ll still need the phone to text friends to see where they’re watching the fireworks, but at least it won’t be work related!