Throughout the election season, and especially last week, most of us saw Facebook posts from our friends that were less than friendly. In some cases they were full-on political rants where the friend ran out of room and you had to click "read more" to get to the overall point. It was exhausting at times, right? No matter where you fall in the political spectrum, sometimes you visit Facebook to see cute pictures of kids and cats, and not necessarily to be hit smack in the face with political statements.

Facebook had more than 70 million posts on Election Day. How did you feel about the outspoken ones?

Some of the posts during the election season led to fights, and some led to "unfriendings." Sometimes family members even had to have cooling-off-periods after reading posts from other family members.

I'll admit, one member of my family shocked me with a political rant last week. I had never heard them say things like that before live and in the flesh, but there it was for all the world to see on Facebook. But we're still family, and we're still Facebook friends.

Did you leave Facebook over any political rants? Did you participate? Do tell. On Facebook of course!