This weekend my daughter, wife and I are traveling to Corsiscana to celebrate a very special birthday with my grandfather and my daughters' great-pepaw, as she calls him. We'll be celebrating his 93rd birthday (two days early tomorrow) with the family, although the celebration will not be as big as his 90th a few years ago, it's still going to be big for us!

I am very thankful to have him around still as he has gotten to see my daughter grow up these past nine years, something I wish my grandmother had the opportunity to see. I wish that all kids had the chance to see and grow up with grandparents and great grandparents, but I know that's not possible in a lot of situations, so I'm very thankful the opporutinty that I've been given.

What got me to thinking about this and posting about this is the following video. I have no clue as to how I ended up on this video (because I was watching something totally different) but it caught my attention and my emotions.

She seems like a very sweet lady, who doesn't look like 98 at all! It's great to see that at 98 she still wants to contribute to society and help out her neighbors. Although it seems like a story of getting a drivers license, I think it's more, generosity. So if you're among the lucky ones, like I am, and still have grandparents living, call and visit them often. We have a lot to learn from our older generation and I can only hope to live as long as my grandfather.