Kelsey Grammar announced that he’s getting married again in February. His marriages are like the Super Bowl.

No matter how bad the last one was you know there’s gonna be another one this year.

If you watch "Housewives of Beverly Hills" you have seen his soon to be ex-wife Camille's, Kelsey's wife unusual behavior.

Camille was on Howard Stern's radio show last week confirming nor denying that Grammar likes to dress up in woman's clothing.

Seeing as how there was not a prenuptial agreement between these two Kelsy is going to have to pay her a pretty penny in order to keep her hushed.

If he doesn't pay for her silence she will be free to write a tell all autobiography. Which I am sure would hit the top of the book charts.  In this picture doesn't he look like he is saying through gritted teeth "Hurry up already woman and get this over with"?