The 2012 Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony was held this past Friday night in London and was seen by millions across the globe and was seen by some 40.7 million people here in the states on NBC which set a record for most viewers for an opening ceremony surpassing the previous record of 39.8 million during the opening ceremony of the 1996 Olympic games that were held in Atlanta.

As far as my impression of the opening ceremony, I felt a little let down and didn't really care for the British history lesson.  I did find it interesting though to watch the athletes come into the stadium and see how many athletes were coming from each country.  After watching it, it's funny to learn that there are some countries in the world that have fewer people than the city of Tyler!

The ratings were up 17% over the Beijing games four years ago and continued to set records for Saturday with an estimated 28.7 million watching the games on the first night according to the LA Times.  Now, I didn't see much of the games on Saturday, but watched pretty much all day Sunday.  I invested about 6 hours total Sunday watching the Olympics.  I've watched swimming, volleyball and women's gymnastics and I have to say we have some awesome and talented people representing the US at the games.