Beyonce Denies Pregnancy Cravings [VIDEO]
Another clip of Katie Couric's interview with Beyonce on 20/20 has been released and in this one Katie asks Beyonce about her pregnancy cravings - if she has any at all.  There have been rumors that she enjoys ketchup on just about everything along with ice cream with hot chili sauce, pick…
Beyonce Appearing on 20/20 With Katie Couric [VIDEO]
Since leaving CBS and joining ABC News Katie Couric has scored a couple of big interviews as of late.  She taped a special with Lady Gaga that ran Thanksgiving night and her next big artist interview is coming up Friday on 20/20 when she interviews Beyonce!
Inspiring, Remarkable, Determined – Gabreille Giffords
Last night my wife and I were watching 20/20's exclusive interview between Diane Sawyer and Gabreielle Giffords along with millions of others.  I was moved by Giffords' story because it is filled with wonderful achievements and is just amazing, inspiring and hopeful.
Congresswoman Giffords received a…
Mariah Carey To Debut Twins On 20/20 [VIDEO]
Mariah gave birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe around Mother's Day of this year, but we have yet to see pictures of the twins.  Mariah and husband Nick Cannon were waiting until the right moment to share their bundles of joy with the world.  Well, that time has arrived.  In an exclusive interview wi…
The RoyaL Wedding Is Friday
You can't turn the tv on without seeing a promo about the Royal Wedding or go through the check out line at the grocery store without seeing something about it as a headline on a tabloid magazine.  Whether you love it or hate all the hoopla, the Royal Wedding is happening Friday!
Charlie Sheen Inexplicably Tests Negative For Drugs [VIDEO]
Charlie Sheen has been all over TV and the radio lately, saying all sorts of ridiculous things.  And although the (ex?) "Two And A Half Men" star freely admits to having done more cocaine "than anybody could survive," he's apparently been sober during his media blitz.
Sheen even p…